Marion Cotillard acting in Italian in the movie Blood Ties

A Good Year dir. Ridley Scott 2006


“As a teenager, I didn’t want to be me; I wanted to be many different people. Maybe I realized that they all lived inside me and that if I managed to connect with them, they would become aspects of me.”  -Marion Cotillard


is it a sin to try to survive?


Marion Cotillard for Dior, 2014.


The Immigrant (2013)  | Directed by James Gray

So you go, and you forget about me, and you forget about this place, and you forget about those things I made you do. Because I took everything from you and I gave you nothing! Nothing! Because I am nothing.

Marion Cotillard | Filmography


Give me a break! They can’t have news. Nothing happens in Canada!

Marion Cotillard in Anchorman 2 - Sorry!